(Forgotton) Looting Etiquette

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(Forgotton) Looting Etiquette

Post by Malpercio on Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:43 pm

It has recently come to my attention that this was missing, and that very few people appear to follow our looting rules, while I forgot to post. As such, Listed below are the looting rules our guild follows, and the situations they fall under:

1. DON'T BE GREEDY! Use the basic looting rules of Pass unless ask, when in a group with a high level from any guild. Just because you need the Crystals/Essences for your elites, does NOT mean you are entitled to them before the people taking you through the instance. This is a good way to be labeled a loot ninja, and I will not tolerate that within the guild, whatsoever. Ask before greeding or needing, some of our higher levels actually need Essence/Crystals still. This rule also applies to ALL items in high level instances, because a lot of items are bind on pickup. If you are a tank you don't need the cloth shoulders that just dropped, I have seen tanks needing on caster items (Cloth with clean caster stats on them.) without a second thought, screwing all the healers and mages. So, this rule means a lot to the guild, it is, to a big degree, what we were raised on. Loot ninjas WILL be thrown out of guild as soon as word reaches my ears. Pure Evil

2. GUILD RUNES: When you are in a group and guild runes drop, ask what the general rule for them is BEFORE rolling on it, if they all roll greed, then roll greed with them. I can't count how many times this one has cost me guild runes, because I was the only one to pass. If in a run that's all us, the rule is to pass on them. It matters not who gets it, it will end up being donated anyways. If you are planning to sell the guild runes, don't even run with us. Our building projects are not a way for you to make some quick cash.

3. RUNS WITH OTHER GUILDS:This one is the hardest of all. When running with other guilds, say...Oblivion for example, we need to talk with them before starting the run to find out their rules, and where their rules and our rules meet. This is so both guilds are equal, and both guilds benefit from the run. Sometimes people are run through instances, but they can't loot. Or they have to give someone a specific something if it drops. if an item is supposed to go to someone else and you take it, I leave you to the mercy of the other guild, because it is then out of my hands, and I cannot help you.

Thanks for reminding me to make this last night Sly. I wrote it up last night, but fell asleep before posting it.

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