Guild Banking Rules

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Guild Banking Rules

Post by Malpercio on Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:33 pm

I don't know about anyone else, but I hate to see good items go to waste, especially when these items could benefit someone else in the guild. that's when I like to toss them into our guild bank. That way someone else can use what they might not be able to get themselves, However, sometimes this is taken too far, and the bank fills with tons of useless stuff. So, I have come up with a few Do's and Don'ts for the guild bank:

DO: Put in decent loot, potions, and other things OVER level 15 (this is excluded for food items). this rule is here because of the growth rate of people playing the game. Most items 15 or lower are, high durability or not, used for a very short period, then tossed aside. Save room for our better things (Like the level 15 sets).

DON'T: Take things out of the guild bank, add runes to them, and put them back. This ruins a lot of loot for everyone, and all of it will have to be sold, and the one who does it will be demoted to our lowest rank and put on probation, the time will be determined by the value of things lost.

DO: Take anything out of the guild bank you want, so long as you are able to use it in a few levels, or you are going to be Xmuting it for your gear.

DON'T: Take anything out of the guild bank for the purpose of selling it for money, doing so will grant you a full banish from the guild, as well as a in-game world chat to everyone online that you are a bank thief. Only those who have my permission may take stuff out to sell, though they will be doing it to make space, and they will donate 100% of the gold made to the guild.

DON'T: Take anything out of the bank to give to someone outside our guild. If they wish to have something we own, then they will join us, and earn it. Or one of the master templar or I will sell it to them, and donate the gold to the guild.

DON'T: Put any Magic Hormone, Mist Emerald, or any of the other instrument making items into the bank. also DON'T put Weapon Fragments, Hilt Fragments, Amplifier Fragments, or any of those in the guild bank. Finally DO NOT put any of the stuff from Windmill Basement into the guild bank. All of these items take up space we don't really have, and I will toss them out regardless of what they are or how much they sell for, so long as that amount is under 10k, anything above will be sold and donated.

Other than that, keep withdrawing/depositing items, and thanks for making us such a great guild! If anything else needs to be added, this will be edited again.

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