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Heaven's Charter

Post by Malpercio on Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:07 am

"Fairness and Respect for all"

Here at Heaven, our values lie mostly on respect for others and ourselves, loyalty, and the family based setting, rather than scoring phat lewts, and following the behaviors that follow down that path. We joke and kid around with each other, even giving each other a hard time often, but we joke around lightly, and strive to treat everyone with the respect we expect to be given ourselves.

Listed below are our rules; not following them will result in a Demotion or being thrown out of guild.

RULE I: I shall respect each person in the guild as I wish to be treated, and I will cause as little drama as I can, for the guild has enough problems as it is. I will not fight with my guildmates, if I have a problem, I will take it to an officer or a Master Templar, so that they can sit in and discuss the problem neutrally. I will treat everyone fairly and as an equal, no matter if they're ranked above or below me. I understand that ALL RANKS CARRY THE SAME POWER Other than Guild officer, Master Templar, and Grand Templar, and that I am not a "leader" or "champion" of my rank.

RULE II: I pledge to be active, and I will use the forums at least twice a week, so that I can keep in the know of events going on in the guild, and to obtain information that takes far too long to say in game. I understand most of those events are gathering or instance events, and that some of the information might pertain to Transmuting, or various other things. Also, I know some games are played on the forums, and if I need help with some things, I know I can check the forums and ask, and will get an answer fairly quickly, so long as someone else possibly knows the answer. If I must go away for a short period of time I will leave a message in the "Leave of Absence" Forum, so that I will maintain my place in guild when I return.

RULE III: I pledge to belong to this guild for my play time here on the game. I understand that if I must leave, I will send a FORUM PM to Malpercio or a Master Templar, and I will engage in a small chat to explain why I am leaving, and if anything is guild related to my cause of exit, I will explain it in full detail, unbiased, and fully truthful. This way the problem can be fixed. I understand that if I do not want to sign under these rules, I can log on right now, and leave the forums and guild, making sure to delete my account on the forums when I leave.

Rule IV: I pledge that if I want the guild to change in some way, I have the ability to come forward with my questions, ideas, suggestions to the Master Templar or the Guild Master, and I will be able to discuss the changes thoroughly, so that if they are found to be beneficial, they can be put into action, with my name being credited as the person who had the idea, and who brought it to Management.

Rule V: I understand that I am responsible for my own actions, and will be held accountable for them. If another guild causes trouble for me, I know I can talk with my guild leader about it, and go about my business as usual. I know my guild leader will contact, speak with, and thoroughly discuss the situation with the other guild leader, and the problem will be taken care of (at least on our side) As quickly as possible. I also know if I cause problems, that my guild leader will be contacted and the problem made known to them.

Rule VI: I pledge that I will help our other members when they need it, even if it requires me to go run a low level instance, or go on a run where I will not truly benefit in any way. I understand that if I want something from the guild, I will help obtain it, not send someone else to do it for me. I pledge to pull my own weight and do my share of work if I decide to take on a roll in the guild above my low/high templar rank.

Rule VII: I pledge that when I commit sales to other members, I will do so at a reduced price between the ranges of 20%-50%, and if I am in debt to another guildie, I will attempt to remove my debt quickly and effectively.

Rule VIII: If I wish to join instance runs, or go on runs, I will SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD! I understand no one here can read minds, and that I will only be able to go if I speak up and let others know I want to go too.


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