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Core Values

Post by IROALFWEA on Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:43 am

Here at Heaven we believe in a set of Core Values to guide our attitudes and push our motivations. We hold these values close at heart and strive to bring out the best not only in ourselves but in each other as well. Heavens Core Values are:

RESPECT: Both for yourself, others and the guild as a whole. Everyone deserves respect in this forum and everyone will show respect in this guild. Constructive criticism is appreciated, however insulting and bashing one another is not and will not be tolerated. We also appreciate a good joke, but be sure to clearly display any jokes AS jokes, so people do not get offended. Any jokes done in bad taste will be deleted.

COMMITMENT: To better yourself, you better this guild. To better this guild, you better yourself. Everyone in this guild should want to be in this guild. As a member you are expected to donate to the guild and help your fellow members. As you will have access to other donations and be helped when you need it. Our guild must have common goals we all work toward and we must help each other reach our individual goals.

HONOR: You will have personal integrity and dignity, and adhere to strong ethical principles. Your reputation will become a source of pride. You will endeavor to bring respect and glory to yourself, the guild, and it's members. "To honor oneself, is to honor all living things".

We like to encourage growth and friendship at Heaven. We believe with a good attitude and some had work this can be the best guild on ROM. We always enjoy getting new members to share in the fun. As long as our members remember and follow our core values Heaven will continue to grow and become a better guild. Violation of our rules and deviation from our values can result in disciplinary action up to and including a permanent ban from the guild. Let's have some fun.

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